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A Different Chess Challenge

Apr 30, 2012, 1:00 PM 2

I am curious about something and would love to find out if anyone who reads this knows anything about what I'm asking.  I have low vision.  It is 20-200, meaning that perfect is 20-20 is perfect.  Someone sees something at 20 feet away as they should.  What I should see at 20 feet away I see at 200 feet away.  Anyway, I wonder if there are any other low vision chess players, especially at higher levels.  I can play a fifteen minute game or higher with little trouble but do not do much blitz at all and do not play less than a ten minute game since I can loose track of the mouse or just be to slow.  I am not really good yet, but am love the game and will see how far I can get.  I know two or three other people with vision issues that play chess, but don't particularly like computers and do not do it online.  So I just wonder if there are others out there like me.  

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