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Chess vv. Chess960 RESULTS

Chess vv. Chess960 RESULTS

Sep 24, 2013, 12:30 AM 0

These are the results for the Chess vv. Chess960 Survey...

Chess.com Results,

chess11kid voted for Chess

Supreme_Commander_FSvoted for Chess

AlxMastervoted for Chess

hukes voted for Chess

electricpawnvoted for Chess

petripvoted for Chess960

bad_patzervoted for Chess960

warrior2000 voted for Chess960

Ziggyblitzvoted for Chess

ajttjavoted for Chess

sapientdustvoted for Chess

CHCL voted for Chess

chasm1995 voted for Chess

Matthew_Alexandervoted for Chess

SicilianDragon256 voted for Chess

Chesskid.com Results,

chesskid11 voted for Chess

SwimmerGirl voted for Chess

BlueBell voted for Chess960

JadeFrenzy voted for Chess

FlyingGurgler voted for Chess

LuxuriousEarthworm voted for Chess

EconomicFireworksvoted for Chess

7malligkvoted for Chess960

HystericalMice voted for Chess

gippyvoted for Chess


SpiffyWolfvoted for Chess


Chess=21 votes

Chess960=5 votes

TOTAL=26 votes

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