My Chess Poem

My Chess Poem


Here is a chess poem I wrote,

(Probably full of spelling errors!)



By chess11kid


On the Chess Board strong,

There was heard a gong,

Which told of the start of a war.


Where the black and white pieces,

Who were Masterpieces

Were making a plan of attack.


They sat in there places,

Discussing there faces,

Which were rather weird to behold.


There was one like a castle,

by the name of a Rook,

Who sat there reading a book!


There was another like a Horse,

Who really by course,

Moved in the shape on an 'L'.


Then was there one,

With a hat on,

And his real name, was Bishop!


Then was the Queen,

Who just had been,

Wedded to the king.


The Pawn was a footsolder

Who never retreated,

And never got concieted.


Then was the King,

A really wonderful thing,

Who controlled all his men.


Then when all was ready,

The kings said "Get Steady"

And the battle started to rage.

In the First Stage,

Black was on the rampage,

and White was hard put to it.


But in the Middle-Game,

One whites pawns decided to re-name,

Its poor little self as a Queen.


Then were the two armies,

put greatly to the test,

And all of them fought there best.


But one by one,

Though All of them had fun,

They all were captured, and that was that.


Until alone on the board,

Sat the Kings with a sword,

And they agreed to call it, a draw.


By chess11kid