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Photos on chess.com

Photos on chess.com

Sep 22, 2013, 11:56 PM 1


I love photography as you might know. I once went to a photography course and found out many things.

On the basis of the things I herd there I would Highly suggest NOT putting photos on chess.com.

The reason is, that if you have the right software, you can find out detales from the photo. What type of camera the photo was taken with, the name of the camera's owner, and, if the photo was taken with an I-phone, Android Phone, I-pad, Computer, or anything like that, you can even find out where the photograph was taken, and use info like that to find out where you live, who your friends are, andeven where your friends live.

That is why I would HIGHLY suggest NOT posting PHOTOS on chess.com, or even any other site like facebook ar twitter.

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