Poem to god

Sep 2, 2010, 5:51 PM |

Dear Lord I am sorry

For my foolish mistake

And for all of my sinning

and the one's I will make

I pray you will guide me

out of despair

because when all else fails

you will be there

show me my wrongs

I will do right

because I remain

I will continue to fight

The world is against me

but you are my way

when ashes surround me

I'll continue to pray

My love's a bright fire

to burn who are near

but your love is stronger

something I'll never fear

So lord can you save me

from my worldly desire

please give me a new heart

one set on fire

my goal is to find you

and my first place to look

is to the sky

then to your book

Dear lord may I thank you?

You free'd my soul

and now and forever

you're in control

I thank you for everything

I'll thank you again

for all you have done

a gracious Amen.

                                      By Misora