How to Use the Full Power of the Knights in Chess - Golden Rules

How to Use the Full Power of the Knights in Chess - Golden Rules

May 12, 2016, 2:38 AM |

Imagine a Knight on a battlefield.

A Knight covered in a suit of armor and sitting on a strong spirited horse, high above all the others on the battlefield. He can maneuver much more efficiently and can easily sweep nearly an entire battlefield.

The Knight moves unlike any other chess piece in the chess game. It moves neither up-down nor side to side, the knight moves around the players, which makes the knight a very dangerous and powerful piece in the chess game. A knight moves in L-shape.

Knights are very strong chess pieces, if used strategically. Their abilities far outweigh what queens could do. Knights are very much valuable in the middle of the board. In the center the knights work very well and can attack eight squares on the board. A knight at the edge or corner of the board becomes very weak, as it can attack fewer squares. The saying, “A Knight on the rim is dim” proves very right.

Properties of knight:

  1. Unlike other major pieces placed at the back at the beginning of the game, knights do not need pawns to start a game. It can hop over the pawns and make the first move. It is the only piece in the chess game other than pawn that can start a game.
  2. Knights are the only chess pieces that can jump over other chess pieces. Knights have the ability to check and capture major pieces like king, queen or rook even if they remain in the safety of a crowd of pawns and other pieces. It can also easily escape capture by simply jumping over pieces.
  3. When two ally knights work together, they can really work out a good offensive and defensive move.

  1. Knights can be also veryuseful,when we want powerful double checks.
  2. If used strategically, knights and bishops equal in strength. The value of the knight is 3 pawns or 3 points. This is the same value as the bishop.

All these characteristics make knights very strong and mighty chess pieces in the chess game. Learning chess tactics with knight can make you a dark horse in your chess game. Wish you an adventurous ride!!


Source: chessbazaar