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Diagrams -- Answer Key

Diagrams -- Answer Key

Jul 10, 2012, 3:29 PM 2

WARNING! The answer key is provided below. If you prefer figuring out the puzzles/diagrams on your own, please do not view this post!


1. No; Black plays Rxb8, White plays Nb6+, Black plays Nxb6
2. No; after Black plays Nxg1, White plays Nd7+!, forking the king and queen
3. Nf7 is the correct move, forking the king and queen
4. In fact, he does by playing Qh5#
5. With Qc6, which puts the knight in an absolute pin
6. If he does, the play goes Rh8+, Bf8, Rxf8#. It would be better to leave the queen alone.

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