17th Annual Chicago Open - Round 3 - Second win

May 29, 2008, 9:21 PM |

The first two games featured "Indian Defenses" and I thought they were King's Indian Defenses. GotGoose correctly pointed out that those were Benoni Defenses. The third game was a Benoni. (Which one? Old? Classical? or...?) I am not an Opening theorist.

What I liked about this game was that I castled pretty late for me. Move 13. Usually, I am an early "castler", but this time around, I waited to see what Black's intentions were, and then declare my own by opening a line/file to Black's King before I castled. Like the second game, I had to balance between defense and attack before going for an all out attack.

At the end of round 3, I had one loss, two wins, ... four more wins to come...

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