17th Annual Chicago Open - Round 4 - Third win

May 30, 2008, 7:15 PM |

I went into my 4th game wanting to maintain the momentum I had (gained) after winning both my games the day before. I am looking at the scoresheet to see what I remember about this game, and it appears it was a pretty quick game. We had 6 hours to finish hour game, and it seems we used less than 2 hours of it. At move 16, I have marked that I had 1hr 26min while my opponent had 1hr 36min. However, it was about that time that I played the move that won me the game, think: 16...f3.

It was a relatively short game, 34 moves.

I do not know what opening I played. I will have to look it up. My first four moves were pawn moves: ...c5, ...d6, ...e5,...f5. I just wanted to attack.

After winning this game, my record was one loss, and three wins; three more wins to come...

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