2008 Mid-America Open - game 3

Mar 7, 2008, 3:27 AM |

After winning the first two games, I was under some pressure to win the third game so that I could finish my day with 3 wins. I knew it was going be tough as the people I was playing were getting stronger. I told myself to not worry about it, as at one time, I was rated higher than I am now, but I just got "weaker" due to lack of practice. I had studied and practiced well for this tournament...

My opponent played the Grunfeld Defense, the opening that I had studied quite a bit and I was using as my response to 1.d4 during this tournament. Unfortunately for him, he allowed me to play my favorite move, c5  - (refer to game 2) - and I tied him up real quick. It was nice going home knowing that I had 3 wins in my pocket.