2008 Mid-America Open - Game 5

Mar 8, 2008, 2:41 PM |

Here is my 5th and last game of the 2008 Mid-America Open tournament that was played last weekend. At the time, it appeared I was already assured of being in the top two or three. I needed a draw to be an outright winner. I do not know how to play for a draw. I only play to win and then during the game, a draw may arise. This gives me peace... knowing that I do not have to change much in order to obtain a particular result. My opponent, a very friendly guy, later told me that he needed to win in order to get a prize. He mentioned that it was a very nice game, and he enjoyed it even though he lost. It appears a fair result would have been a draw.

I played the Grunfeld Defense again. I had an inferior position coming out of the opening, and I had to dig myself out of the hole to equalize. The win was similar to my other games whereby the battle was on the Queenside, and then I shifted it to the King side to get an advantage.

I think this was my toughest game.

I have annotated the game, and your comments, suggestions, and ideas are welcome.