Annotated game #9: Fischer - Reshevsky (The Trouble with Genius!)

Aug 11, 2007, 3:57 PM |

"The Trouble with Genius" - Here is an excerpt from Time Magazine, March 15,2004:

"At a chess tournament in Tunisia in 1967, Bobby Fischer, then 24, was pitted against another American grand master, Samuel Reshevsky. At game time, Fischer was nowhere to be found, so Reshevsky sat down opposite Fischer's empty chair, made his first move, punched the game clock and waited. And waited. With five minutes left, Fischer suddenly strode onstage and, with a series of blindingly quick moves, hammered Reshevsky into defeat. Two days later, Fischer quit the tournament and abandoned competitive chess for two years. Which raises the question, Why is the gift of genius so often given to people too stupid to know what to do with it?"
- You can read the whole article here.

- You can also find more info in Frank Brady's Bobby Fischer, Profile of a Prodigy, (p.136 in my copyWink)










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