Annotated game#3: Robert James Fischer vs K Warner

Jul 14, 2007, 10:55 PM |

Another Fischer game. He was 12 years old. This one... didn't go so well. Enjoy!

 I made several errors in the annotation.


16... Annotation should read "The Knight does not need to be on d7 any longer."

18... Need a "?" at the end of the annotation/comment.

20... I say "Fischer" ... It should be "Black" or "K. Warner" - Fischer was playing White.

24... I should have mentioned the obvious attack that Black has on the White King. 

Sorry, for the mistakes. I guess I am just tired (12:50am - so I am going to bed!)

I have made the corrections in the printable version which you can find here. I need to learn to correct errors in this version. It was a lot easier to do it in the book version of the annotation.