Annotated Miniature 1: Mayet - Anderssen

Sep 7, 2009, 3:14 AM |
Studying miniatures has many benefits. First, almost always, the winner wins quickly because the loser did something (really bad) that s/he should not have done in the opening. Second, related to the first reason, one learns what not to do. Third, related to the first and the second, one learns how to finish off a game when an opponent misplays the opening. Fourth, miniatures do not take as much time as longer games to analyze or go over. Fifth, miniatures are usually tactical in nature, thus one gets to see tactics in (game) action. Sixth, one can easily replay the whole game from memory. [I think there are benefits to that.] Last, but not least, they are exciting [at least to me].
Here is a game between Mayet and Anderssen that I have annotated. The latter was one of the best-attacking players of his time. Your comments, ideas, and thoughts are welcome.