How best to analyze Chess games move by move

Jun 30, 2007, 11:44 AM |

I am trying to decide how best to post games after analyzing them move by move. How would you like it? Should I post them like in 1) or in 2) below?:

 1) Magazine or book style:

 Here you can see the game like you would in a Chess Book and Magazine. You can print it and have a copy like you would in a book or mag. However, the downside is that you cannot play through the games. I would insert diagrams after every 4 moves.

W Whisler vs Robert James Fischer
Lincoln ch-US jr 1955 ·
King’s Indian, Samisch (E81) · 1/2-1/2

1. d4

white advances a pawn to the center, opens for the dark-squared bishop, the queen, the knight.

1. ..Nf6

black develops a piece towards the center, preventing white from playing (2.e4 immediately)
2. c4
White finds a different way to have pawns at the center. His pawns can now capture anything that comes to b5, c5, d5, and e5. At the beginning of the game, players usually fight for space.

Click here for the rest of the game


2) Techno-blog style:

Here you can click and play, and you would see my comments after every move. This has the benefit of using less space on the post, and you don't have to scroll up and down etc. However, I presume you would have problems if you wanted to print it for your records and go over comments on a "real" Chessboard.