How To Improve at Chess: Tip# 3: Constant Decision-Making

Jul 3, 2007, 7:00 PM |

I am following a U.S. soldier who is now in Iraq. I will be reading his blog every day, just to make sure he is safe. I don't know him, but I believe that all human beings are connected in some way.

Anyway, he wrote about constant decision making as a way to get out of debt. I thought that his ideas/observations, are applicable to Chess (improvement). If on your every move, you make a commitment to think to the best of your ability and to make the best move you can (in the time alloted), you should be able to improve.

Why do we suffer from absent-mindedness? Switching off the brain? Lack of imagination? I posit that it is because of lack of commitment to make the best possible move.

So here is a tip: Constantly decide to make the best possible move. Each time.

(Thanks to  Nick, the Soldier in Iraq.) 

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