How to Improve at Chess: Tip 4 - "Do This and You Shall Live!"


Well, today is Sunday and I went to Church after a couple of weeks of not going. The Readings had one major theme: You know everything that you need to be successful or to be a Godly person. However, you need to put what you know in action. Here are two of the readings:

1) Luke 10: 25 - 37

2) Deutoronomy 30: 10 - 14

Well, I must confess that I think about Chess in places that I shouldn't! So I was thinking about how these two Readings are applicable to Life and Chess. In Chess, people are always looking for tips on how to improve, how to win quickly, how to play the opening better, how to think like a grandmaster, etc. However, if you asked a novice or somebody who has been playing the game for a couple of weeks what they can tell somebody about the game, or how they would go about teaching somebody Chess, you would be amazed by the knowledge that they have on how to play the game effectively!

What's the conclusion from all this? We all (90% of us) know the same things that grandmasters know on how to play the game, how to improve, etc. We just have to put it in practice, move in move out!

So, there is a tip on how to improve at Chess: "Do this (this=what you already know) and you shall live" (live=get what you seek).

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