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How to Improve at Chess: Tip#10 - Let go of the Mouse!

How to Improve at Chess: Tip#10 - Let go of the Mouse!

Aug 4, 2007, 7:18 AM 13

If somebody had a weight problem due to over-eating, what would you think if you saw him/her walking around with food in the pocket, hand, bag, car, AND ... mind!

How about somebody who wants to be an A-student but misses class all the time and doesn't study?

You get the idea - you have to do things that are in line or in sync with your goals. If your problem is playing Chess too fast or seeing a better move after you touch a piece or click "submit move", then this tip is for you. Let go of the mouse. "Sit" on your hands if you have to Wink! Whatever you can do to not make that move until you are sure that it's the correct move. Thinking while holding your mouse tells your brain one thing: I am ready to make a move... and I don't think you think as well as you would if you didn't have that "clutter" in your mind.

So there is a tip you can use in your online games: Let go of the mouse!


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