If your life was a Chess Game...

Jun 30, 2007, 4:39 PM |

I like to write about things that I have learned about life through the game of Chess. For example, I have learned through the game of Chess that small good moves add up and become a big advantage to win the game. I use this concept to save money, even if it is $1 a week. That is $52 a year, and if you work for 50 years, you have... $2600 in the bank, excluding interest. You would be surprised how many people have worked for 50 years and they don't have $2600 in the bank. Of course, there are explanations for all that. So if you saved $10 a week for 50 years, you would have $26,000 in the bank, huh? (That is without interest...)

Anyway, I was just wondering - if my life was a Chess Game, what would be the King? What is it that I would do anything to protect? What is it that I would do everything in my might to advance its cause? What would be the Queen? The most powerful piece on the board? What is it that I would have the hardest time giving up? What would be the pawns? What is it that I have the most of? Note that it can be good or bad. It can be lots of books that are just taking up space. It can be money that I am not managing very well. It can be commitments that are stressing me out and I just need to let go of. Or it can be some positives. Each life is different.

I found out that for at least 10 years - may be 15 years, that I seriously played Chess, I thought more about Chess than I thought about life. I studied more Chess than I did any school work, career stuff, or just life stuff. I can say that I know more about Chess than I know about the Bible or God. May be there is nothing wrong with it. But once I decided to treat my life like a game of Chess, not to win, but to give each move the consideration I give my pieces, I became a better person.

One quick parting thought, in Chess, you play a move, and you wait for your opponent to make a move. You sit there, you watch, you don't do anything... in a way, you "listen". From this, I told myself that I would cut down on interrupting people when they speak. If they are speaking, I would consider it their move. I will wait til they finish.

Here is the question again: If your life was a game of Chess... (you fill in the last part!)