Recovering chessaholic

Oct 12, 2007, 6:07 PM |

After I wrote the title, I wondered if recovering chessaholic means that I was a chessaholic and I am no longer one, or that I let go of chess and I am now getting back to it? Well, regardless of what the proper meaning is, WHAT I MEAN is - I would like to get back to my better chess playing days. I would like to recover my playing ability.

I have lost a bunch of games, some of them to very low rated players, and it does not feel good at all. I don't like losing, but what hurts most is not just the losing, it is loss of form.

So my recovery will take several forms, revisiting my writings on how to improve at chess, and adding a few spices to it. I will come up with more things to do - but for now, it will just be implementing the things that I believe in - like slowing down my urges to make a move before I analyze the position fully - and also spending at least 5 minutes a day analyzing a game or two, or just playing through a game real quick. I sometimes feel like I am not spending enough time doing things that will help me play better.

I intend to play less games (than I have been playing) at one time and focus more on the games that I play.

Last but not least, I will try to surround myself with the things that help me play better Chess. I am thinking about what those things are...  

Now I need to go and annotate the games that I have lost so that I can post them here... as previously promised.