Win more games by practicing Humility

Jul 2, 2007, 4:18 PM |

What is Humility? You can click here to read about humility. What it is and what it is not.

Okay, how is this applicable to Chess? If you have done this, say "How did CHESSIQ KNOW?!?!" ---:

- You had a won position, and you wished everybody came to see your game!

- You had a won position, and you played quicker than you normally would!

- You had a won position, and you got off your chair, moved about, ...!

- You had a won position, and you stopped thinking about the game!

- You were rated higher than your opponent, so you thought you had already won!

(... You are free to add more examples of your own)

Thing is you have lost at least one game because of your ..."lack of humility" - (I will not call it pride!) - You thought you had won, or you thought you were better than your opponent (in some way).

So here is a tip: Practice humility, as defined in the article above, and you will win more games. That's just one benefit. The other benefit is that you will make more friends.

My $0.02