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opening trivia on chess.com

May 31, 2009, 11:04 AM 1

If you think you are good in opening theroy and want to test yourself on it while learning a good opening or openings you never herd of my new trivia is perfect for you. Before I go on I like to remind people this is only for people who never herd of the trivia before. I will post notation,s like 1.e4 and I will ask what opening is this. This will test your opening theroy skill's and by reading other people's answer's you could see an opening name that you never herd of before and go to chess.com opening's to learn it. Similar answers are corret to for notation's that start off more than one opening. Also to help other's I ask that you please do come up with an answer to post a website or book where you found the answer. I hope you enjoy my opening trivia and if you came up with a trivia or daily puzzle of your on please post it in your comment if you can.

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