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Sep 2, 2009, 12:52 PM 3

hey guys, its me again. i'm bored so i'm gonna talk about all the foods i really like to eat. =). I love to eat steak, but sometimes its bad because its got too much fat in it. Taccos are really good. They're even better mashed up together. Pizza is pretty good, but it got old after a while because that was all i ate. Shredded BBQ pork sandwitch is soooo good! I could eat them all day every day. i'm not a big fan on cereal. BBQ ribs r really good.Brats rock! Chicken tastes so good. I like shrimp alot, but when i tried lobster it wasn't very good in my opinion Surprised. Burgers r super yummy when u put mustard luttuce and pickles on it. french fries taste so good but are too greasy. Thats about all the yummy food that i'm thinking about right now. =) enjoy

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