Focus Froggy

Aug 30, 2009, 10:07 PM |

I have the name:  "Froggy," as a nickname. 

When I tell myself to focus by saying, "Focus Froggy,"  I concentrate on the center four squares of the chess board and I seek to control them with my chess men. That doesn't necessarily mean I move pawns to cease them the first things in the games I play.  It means I can seize control of those squares from a distance, say, by my bishops fianchettoed also.  I try to keep the Center Four as my territory and I try not to give them up to my opponent.  The squares around the Center Four that form an outside square, I also try to control. This simple strategy has been quite successful for me--I win most of my games when I use this strategy. 

Lloyd S. Kim, A.A., B.A.

Pen Name:  L. Lloyd Kim