Mechanics Institute in San Francisco

Oct 4, 2009, 8:37 PM |

I just got back from the Mechanics Institute in San Francisco, CA.  The journey was sponsored by the Fresno Chess Club. The Mechanics Institute is the oldest chess club in the US. and also a library.  All the World Grandmasters played there at some time, except for two.  Members from the Fresno Chess club were given a tour of the Institute by John Donaldson, the International Chess Master.  We also had the opportunity to play John simultaneously there.  He won all the games. I played 23 moves and then resigned.  He was about to checkmate me with a two rook combination.  The members of the Fresno Chess Club also had dinner at Lefty O'Douls, a restaurant in San Francisco and we saw a view of San Francisco and the Bay from Treasure Island.  Much thanks to The Fresno Chess Club, the US Chess Federation Chess Club of the year and the second largest chess club in America.  Our President, Robert Rasmussen, gave me some of this information. He is also doing a great job as our president and is a very nice gentleman and a good sport.  We appreciate him.  

We had a great time there in San Francisco and during the trip.  It was interesting and fun and we had a very good time.  Thanks also to John Donaldson, International Master.

Lloyd Kim, "kimlloyd"