100 Days of Chess Challenge Starts October 15

100 Days of Chess Challenge Starts October 15


I am excited to announce the return of the 100 days of chess challenge starting on October 15, 2018. The most common tip for chess improvement is to improve your chess tactics. My challenge is designed to improve chess tactics, calculation, visualization, and discipline. 

Why 100 Days of Chess?

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If you're serious about improving at chess, you have to be serious about chess training. While tactics alone won't make you the next Magnus Carlsen, it will improve your chess results faster than learning a new novelty in your opening. 

My goal is to reach a United States Chess Federation (USCF) rating of 2000 and recently I have not been taking my chess training seriously enough for that goal. The 100 days of chess challenge is one part of my overall chess training plan. Aside from the long-term plan of the rating goal, I am also going to be playing in the 2018 Charlotte Open and I want to be in the best possible chess shape. 

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The Rules for 100 Days of Chess


  • I cannot miss more than one day in a 14 day period. I cannot miss two days consecutively. Any days missed must be added to the end of the 100 days.
  • I will record myself solving tactics on Chess.com and upload the video to my YouTube channel.
  • Time spent doing lessons on tactics, solving tactics from books, etc. will not count towards my 30 minutes. I will only count my time solving rated tactics on Chess.com. 
  • I have to spend 30 minutes solving tactics every day before I go to sleep for the night. This means I can solve tactics after midnight and it still counts for the previous day as long as it is before I go to sleep.
  • I will be solving for accuracy, not quantity. If I solve only one puzzle that is fine. I don't want to do 30 puzzles and only get five correct. This is about improving calculation and visualization, speed will come later.

How can I join the 100 days of chess challenge?

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Everyone that commits to the challenge by October 13, 2018 10pm EST and follows the actions below will be entered to win a one-month premium membership to Chess.com! 

  1. Join my club on Chess.com so you can connect with others and share chess knowledge.
  2. Post on Twitter that you're joining the 100 days of chess challenge and include #100DaysOfChess. 
  3. Follow all of the rules for the challenge except #2 (unless you want to make videos). Instead, post every day on Twitter after you finish your 30 minutes of tactics. Be sure to include what day you are on and use #100DaysOfChess.

Results will be aired during my Twitch stream on October 13, 2018 at 1030pm EST. You must be in my Twitch chat or in ChessTV chat to claim your prize at the time of the drawing. 

There will be three winners in total: 1  membership, 1  membership, and 1  membership. You must have an account on Chess.com, be in good standing, and only non-premium members are eligible for prizes.

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