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#100DaysofChess - Day 8

#100DaysofChess - Day 8

Nov 15, 2017, 2:14 PM 0

Day 8. 

Today I was able to get through only 4 puzzles in my 30 minute session. I spent almost half of my 30 minutes on the first one and continued to take my time on the rest. I solved 3 of the 4 correctly. In the last puzzle my very first candidate move was the correct choice. However, just like in an OTB game I was able to calculate and talk myself out of playing the move I felt was right. 

Some key lessons I took away from today included going with your instinct move because it is usually going to be right especially for those that take the time to work on their tactics. The other key lesson is to force yourself to calculate as deep as you can in ONE line before jumping to another move either a candidate move or a branch move from the main line you are calculating. 

Here is the video from today:


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