ChessNerdBird Adoption Matches

Jun 3, 2018, 9:01 AM |

This week I will begin scheduling adoption matches. To be fair and transparent I will list the applicants in the order I got their applications. That is also the order I will schedule matches with the exception of any subscribers to my Twitch channel ( as they get priority scheduling. 

  1. ya_boy_agent*
  2. EoGuel
  3. Islemgo
  4. Slobodan007*
  5. unc07*
  6. GoPikachu*
  7. StealthNight*
  8. aa-ron1235*
  9. Cheesypuns*
  10. chinhseoul*
  11. falcon4263*
  12. GMRayyanViking*
  13. dforcen*
  14. HattoriNinja
  15. MiddlegamerUmesh
  16. azaz1997
  17. ChaoE

For more details on how to adopt ChessNerdBird and to get on the list read this blog:

I will continue to update this blog with match days and times as well as results. 

*I need you to complete the new form for adoption before we can schedule a match: