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Subject:  Advance Matrix 3-D Chess

Title:  Advance Chess: Model III: The Longitudinal Star Gate 14 Model.  An In-Depth Perspective of Sequential Conglomerates Informatics. Edition 1. Volume 1.

page count : 277 pages

Author:  Siafa B. Neal

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Formats:  Color Paperback /  Color Hardback

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Do you sometimes find that the classical game of conventional chess a bit boring?  Are you eager to learn the new, exciting concepts of Advance 3-D Chess?  If this is true, then this book will likely meet or even exceed your expectations.  Conventional wisdom often proclaims that approaching a problem with the same solution is a form of insanity.  In my unique Advance Chess book, I greet you with an open mind and a sincere heart.  In a person's mind,  the beginning of a journey starts with a destination. With this motto in mind, the space-aged game of 3-Dimensional Advance Chess, Model III , sparks an aura of finger-nail-biting

, seat-gripping excitement and offers hours of entertainment and mind-boggling chess movements.

Chess Players who fall in the spectral ranges of Beginners,Intermediates,Semi-Professionals and Professionals may avail of this book.  This once-in-a-life-time book may well be the ULTIMATE battle game with regards to psychological warfare.  My book takes readers into the pseudo-dynamic and quasi-dynamic World of Chess offering players opportunities to explore the plasticity boundary limit ranges of their full spectrum cognitive elasticity cognition; in other words , this Advance Matrix Chess book offers intelligence tests for Logistics and Strategics Analysis.

Readers, who purchase this book, acquire the knowledge of 3-D Chess Gaming strategies and progress ahead of the learning curve well above the Masters and Grand-Masters of the classical game of conventional Chess.  My chess book presents diagrams, illustrations, drawings and photos about Advance 3-D Chess games which makes learning fun and easy to understand; this book also explains Equations that displays the mathematical relationships of the chess movements.  The language of chess is indeed, the expression of mathematical relationships. The game board , Model III , the Longitudinal Star Gate 14 Model, may soon be sold on the market.

Come and take the learning challenge that this exciting collector's item has to offer.  Live for Greatness.  The Greatness which comes from the heart and mind.  " You are what you think , you think therefore you are. "  Dare to explore and to rediscover your innate dormant passion for excellence in your quintessential cognition quest, while acquiring fun and enjoyment during the process.

That journey, my friends,begins with you.  May the Forces of Goodness be with you.

Best regards,

Siafa B. Neal