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Dec 30, 2014, 11:42 PM 2
My 1st game after driving for 3.5 hours (maybe my wife should drive the whole way next time, so that I can  take a nap Lol...)  Not to take anything away from my opponent; I should have not played 7. d4 as early as  I did; I lost the trade that took place after that.  I played d3 in a later game.
I don't usually do too well when I play Sicilians, but I attempted the Pin Variation which worked in my favor twice in this tournament...  My opponent here underestimated how I would attack when he threatened my Queen  with his Bishop (27. Be7); I attempted a Queen  Sacrifice which was not accepted in order to prevent mate, but I think my opponent had a better way to defend; he probably calculated too short on the defense.
My opponent was approximately (15) minutes late, the chess clocks started, and he walked in with coffee,  so maybe he was waiting in line somewhere.  This game lasted nearly (5) hours, he tried to Open with the English, but he transposed to Queens Gambit when he seen me open Dutch.  He was so concentrated on the Queens side and taking a rook, I left it alone and my attack on his king grew stronger.  I sacrificed many pieces, but my compensation was my Temp and Pressure.  He understimated my attack on his kingside which he paid for in the long run.
He mentioned how dubious he thought my opening was, but hey GM Simon Williams said the Dutch is a very underrated Opening, and you can get a good attacking game; which I did.  After the game, he analyzed our game with Stockfish and mentioned how worst I was the whole time.  I told him, I don't count on Chess Engines because  If I became too dependent on  that, I would never get good at calculating on my own.  I mean I was a 983 rated player once and I got to 1452 without the use of chess engines.  I will only evaluate with a chess engine after I try to find the different variations I could have played on my own.  For me, this was my favorite and the first time I attempted a Classical Dutch.
I noticed when I play young kids, they get easily distracted; even  when  it's their turn, their eyes roam from the board to the whole room then back to the board.  This was a pretty tough game for me, I attacked on Bf7 too early, but gave up a Bishop later.  This boy would offer me a draw, but it didn't look like it,  so we played on.
The boy probably already seen the draw coming Lol, but  he offered a draw when Major Pieces were still on the  board.
So I played  black again... I used  the same Opening as I did in  Round 2, but before I attempted a Sicilian Pin, he pushed up his pawn too early... 5. e5?  That one mistake bought me a lot of time.
Now here  is a game I should be pissed about...  I'm not; it's a huge learning lesson for me... Watch as I had the greatest attack set up.  The hardest thing to do in a last round is to win a won endgame...
Once I had all my rooks and queen in place; she kept offering  me a draw, at least close to (10) times; I kept saying  play on as I was comfortable with my position...
Then I blundered!!! That last knight move... Then the check came and she smiled really big  SMH. I should have taken  more time.  I could have left with a 5.0/7; instead, I left with 4.0...  Oh  well; some kids when they know they are losing, will immdetiately offer  a draw.  You have to think really hard once you decline the offer because you''ll overlook and regret any mistakes you make. 
I'm pretty comfortable with what I ended up with for the thrills; granted it could have been a 5/7, but you can't win them all in chess; I observed some of the Master level and Titled players and not all of them were doing too good; some of them didn''t take losing lightly, so I'm thankful for what I got...

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