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Greeting or Cheating 1200

Aug 12, 2010, 1:14 PM 2

Greeting or Cheating 1200

I must be honest, for the past couple weeks I've been being a bit selective about who I play.  In the range of possible opponents, those I choose to play are precisely at the 1200 rating.  It is quite likely that a player who is rated at 1200 is a chess.com newbie whose actual rating on is below 1200; some are above, but most are below.

I break them in—so to speak, and introduce the newbie to this space.  When you play any other rating, you get a pretty good indication as to where you stand in the chess universe, but 1200 is a mixed bag.  Some players are new to chess, but many are simply new to chess.com.

At the very beginning of the game, I can pretty much crack the case.  You can recognize the 1200+ on open, ready to launch their e4 trap; unleash the queen, check opponent, and rob the rook.  Some are more patient and carefully assemble one of three book openings to a quick castle and forestall any quick and easy gain.

Nevertheless, the novice enters with their flank opening, undeveloped pieces, and aggravating pawn chains.  Some asking me how to castle, and it's nice that we can find a safe place to be vulnerable to strangers in our pursuit of getting better at this game.  Many times, I win.  Sometimes, the opponent, overwhelmed by the game, gives up.  Am I doing a disservice to chess.com?  Am I cheating or beating the system?

The drop from cliff 1200 is often steep, but the climb is rewarding, so is my attack inevitable?  And maybe the question shouldn't be whether I cheat the new member, but rather how I cheat myself.

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