I am a Queen - a chesspoem

I am a Queen - a chesspoem

Apr 30, 2011, 8:09 PM |
I am a Queen
a chesspoem by Yvette Fannell © 2007

I am a Queen.

I am the most agile
in this world

I am a Queen.

It's lonely sometimes
when no one seems to have my back
and I'm put out there
to fight
and everyone around me is in need

Can't nobody hold me down;

I am a Queen.

Look there are many more of me—
I was once a little piece
taken for granted
sacrificed for power and position
used and seized,

but God keeps us
and places his hands around us
to nurture our fire
like his last match
that begins as a small flicker
and bursts into flames
only controlled by He—

Can't nobody put us out.

I always knew
deep down inside
that I was a Queen
but one morning
I woke up
and asked myself
just who is my King?

It puzzled me for awhile
that I'm out here doing all this work
for a man who barely moves
and hops one square
at a time
when I can dance
all over the entire board.

But now I know
just who my King is
and just knowing that Lord
allows me to win many more battles
because now I know
for whom I am fighting.

When the enemy
plants the idea
in my head
that I am too weak
to go on
or that he has already
won the game—

I lose—
for myself
my Lord
and everyone counting on me

I must admit
that I am still
surprised by my victories
because at the end of the game
I know
that it was not by my skill
but it is God
and only God
who carries all of us through
to the End.