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ECF chess gradings are a joke

Jul 28, 2007, 12:12 PM 5
Went to my local club night on wednesday where whoa and behold they had the latest gradings from results made last season. Well to say i was disapointed would be an understatement. I'd gone up from a 86 to a measly 87, despite having one of the beat seasons in years, beating a 129 and drawing a 122. Out of about the 40 odd games i played i won at least 25 of them and maybe lost between 5-10. To convert to ELO multiply by 8 and add 600. i.e My 86 is 1288 which is now 87 ( 1296 ). The point i'm trying to make is, just what do you have to do to improve this, i was expecting to be well over a 100. I also noticed on the ECF website that they only included 30 games played, when i played more than this. The games i lost by the way were by players of a similar or higher grade. So because of this it looks like i'm stuck in the C team again despite my improved performances.

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