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who's the best and what's the best?

who's the best and what's the best?

Jun 26, 2015, 12:24 PM 0

so guys i'am not a great chess player but i keep up with my playing.i know my limit's in chess.chess has it's very own beauty and it very own champion's it is my dream to bea chess champion but ,i really am not so sure my dream will work out but i hope it will,it always wil. i have played with many people and i won and also lost.loosin is not only a place to crybut also a place to be happy,because if we lose we can find out our mistake's and the nexttime we wont do that,we most probably will be alert.so as you may know there are many chess players in this world and if you have a dream being like them you have to practice chess every day as magnus carlsen played chess since he was a kid and so many famous personality.chess improves our focus,concentration etc.so guys a every day practice of chess would make you better in studies,sport's as you focus etc.and guys here are some photo's of some famous personality maybe you may get inspired by them as i am by magnus carlsen and viswanathan anand.

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