Mar 23, 2013, 12:36 AM |


The complexities of the chessboard hold a peculiar attraction for me especially when I discover very striking parallels between chess and the keys that successful and accomplished men and women have adopted to arrive at their accomplishments. So on this blog, we will discuss the life principles we have discovered from the chess board, and illuminating thoughts of great thinkers on the game of chess.


1.There can be no pawn breakthrough without a sacrifice. So in life, every advantage we eke out or any breakthrough we encounter, is the result of a sacrifice of something else important to us. Every successful person learns to sacrifice in anticipation of gaining an advantage in another area of life.

2. A pawn breakthrough cannot occur on the chess board and give you a winning advantage in the endgame, unless your pawns are more advanced than your opponent's pawns. In the same way, you cannot expect to have a breakthrough unless you develop your talents and mobilize them to the arena of conflict and challenges. If you just fold your hands and sit at home, you would have no breakthroughs and end up being defeated by your problems. Every successful person learns to develop and advance to confront his challenges and not sit at home expecting a handover.