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I am still able 2 blog

Feb 15, 2010, 7:07 AM 1

wat is up people of the internet, I bord rite now so i blog. scince my last post, 3 of my cousins came over for the 3 day weekend, so i have 2 deal wit them. yea it annoying. i recently read the book the unremarkable shrinking man, it was good. currently, i am reading a book called and another thing, by eion colfer, its a sort of addition to the hitchikers guide to the galaxy series. its so far good. can still play wii and ds, found my ds, it is still ok. i want a dsi xl for my b-day, it looks good. got bloons for wiiware, it lost somethin, but its still ok. well, this blog is getting kinda rambly so icu l8tr.Tongue out

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