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It's been awhile

Aug 14, 2009, 8:26 AM 0

Hi readers. It's been awhile because I've been busy, first, with school, then when I got off on summer break, my account wouldn't let me in. After that I kinda got wrapped up in the summer. (u no how it is, people under 21) any who, I have some stuff to tell. my mom is slightly addicted to this game, farm town, on Facebook. she is addicted like I'm addicted to Nintendo products, I mean, she'll stop to eat and sleep and stuff, but otherwise she won't stop. btw, do you like me using text language? o I almost 4 got, I haven't been playing chess latelyFrown because like I said before, I got wrapped up in summer. well, I should end here, this is getting long.

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