The bloody London System

The bloody London System

Sep 13, 2015, 7:29 PM |

Hey folks,

in this post I wanna introduce the very solid, sound and reliable London System. Here I don't keep any secrets and share what I know on the system that brought me lovely 11.5 out of 12 games in 2015.

So, let's start !

The most standart Queen's Gambit setup

Next game shows the Greek gift sacrifice which is important to know

The Slav setup, bishop goes to f5
It's just a piece of cake when black plays the Slav. Usually queenside attack brings the advantage

The King's Indian

The Gruenfeld

The best defence for black is early c5!


pros: the London is reliable and solid system, it leads to complicated middlegame, easy to add to your opening repertoire, less time on learning theory - more time to work on calculation and positional understanding, perfect for the afternoon rounds when we have limited time for opening preparation

cons:  better not to play it against the same opponent twice, some lines are drawish, though it's not bad when you're playing vs strong opponent