Importance of pressure

Apr 16, 2018, 12:27 AM |

Today I would like to point out the importance of putting pressure on your opponents in games. Why?

Pressure is a very scary thing, and can cause players (both sides) to be blind to some of the options. Now let's look at some games. 

What should you take away from both of these games? Well by no means were they perfect. In fact they were less than perfect. Almost sad to even look at. The point is that pressure is very important as it can make a person miscalculate or mess up. That being said, it's also scary and can save people. Remember to calculate forcing moves and consider all options. 

P.S. Comment if you want to see more of this. I am sleep deprived though so that's why this will be a short blog and the analysis of the games won't be very thorough.