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4-Player Chess

4-Player Chess

Nov 27, 2007, 4:20 PM 24

Ok guys look,

 I have requested to this site that they create a board like this for us to play on. Now that you can see what it looks like Imagine the possiblities. Now I have one of these games so let me tell you a little bit about this game. Your normal chess move DO NOT work. Someone from your side will come in and tear you up before you blink your eye. So watch out from everywhere!!!!!

Now when it comes to checkmating a person, you can use other peoples peices to help checkmate a guy, and this is where it gets good. If you are the one that checkmates that person you take the King off and all remaining peicies become yours. Stop and think about that for a second....... You could have two Queens, 4 Rooks... You get the point.

Now you might think that you have the game at this point but lets not forget that there are two other players still playing, It would be smart of them to gang up on you at that time. You do not get two turns however. I know, it sucks, all thoses peices and only one move.

Now I have never won it yet, But I have only played it 4 times and only once with 4 good players. That is why I am asking them to put a board like this on this site. Because there is a lot of good chess players on here and even though I own this chess board, I never get to play it, because you cant find 4 chess players in the real world to do this very often. this would make it easy to do and it would be fun to see where all this game could take us. That is why I am writing this blog to see how many of you would want to play this type of chess. Maybe that would speed things up on this site as well. So please, If you like the Idea comment something. even if it is just your name. So we can show them how many people want to do this.

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