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Thanks Tina!

Thanks Tina!

Apr 5, 2010, 4:29 PM 1

You could be the Sun  You could be the moon Take a trip around the world if you really wanted to  In the middle of a crowd in the corner of a room with your back against the wall the wall becomes your tomb  You could be a needle you could be the thread holding life together with the force inside your head The trouble with today tomorrow never comes Tomorrow never comes for the young ones  You could be your high you could be your low  Sometimes you gotta try if you wanna know  You know you're only human and humans make mistakes but everything you lose is something you can take  You can take my word and put it in your shoe  Walking on your path is all up to you Get a head start or you're gonna have to run because tomorrow never comes for the young ones You could be a sinner, you could be a saint hurry up and choose, there ain't no time to think I would assume that you wouldn't mind I took some of yours add it onto mine you could have what's left but ya gonna have to share Do you really mind, do you really care Does it really matter You're still too young and tomorrow never comes for the young ones..!!


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