Touch N Move  = MOUSE N MOVE.

Touch N Move = MOUSE N MOVE.

Jun 3, 2012, 4:08 PM |

When I was an young aspiring chess player in school, I was a very fast thinker & sometimes I would see a move & do it quickly. There was  only one way to address this matter & it was by listening to my Library teacher Mrs Abbot, who said to me Angelo you are a good player, but when it's touch and move you got to think real hard instead of moving straight away, that's where I took note to what she had to say, she told me to sit on my hands till I was 100% sure the move I was going to do. Only after playing online did I recall them important chess words of wisdom. I now keep my hand off the mouse until i'm 100%  committed to making that all important move. Remember chess  is game of brains & hands both in the real world & online games. Think smart and try to do less mistakes, this should help.