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Jun 27, 2009, 10:10 AM 2

Chess its all in us but the iportant thing is to have fun. All the chess players think about is wining the games but it is to meet new people and have fun playing the game. You all have a place in your heart to play games like checkers and chess but the thing is, it dose'nt mater if yuo win or not its the insperation in your heart. If chess is that important maybe you should'nt play because its about having fun. If you brag that you win all the time even to your friends you might lose your self and you might lose your friends. So people don't forget if you win don't brag cause you coukd hurt youself along the way. If you lose its okey you still got a long time to play chess. But remember the game is about having fun not braging or rubing in there faces cause you might lose your friends along the way. THE GAME IS ABOUT HAVING FUN!!!!!!!! 

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