Losing to win?

Jan 18, 2016, 11:45 AM |

I think my previous blog post was misunderstood.

I am the kind of person who reads the instructions and attempts to learn it by doing.

If we always won we would learn nothing because we would never understand what was wrong.

So basically, when I lose, I study what I did wrong, what the opponent did against me, so I can try to incorporate another person's strategy.

In this way, I am not only trying to do, but watching others. Being involved in the game makes it easier for me to pay attention to how the game was won/lost.

I am not about to memorize a set of moves or anything like that. I do not have that kind of capacity in my memory.

What I do have is an understanding that human nature creates a more random set of rules, making humans unpredictable. That is why we establish rules.

Castle can do this, Bishop can do that, Pawn can do this and that.

This makes it a set of movements that can be determined by both players, based on the available pieces on the board and the available spaces.

What I need to learn is how others think about the chess board.

I don't have a strategy mindset, I don't think as big as many do. I think very small and get stuck on details.

So, when I lose, I take it as a lesson learned on better noting pieces, moves and strategies set on the board.