Learn Pafu's Beginner's Game - ii - Early Attacks to Watch For

Sep 25, 2016, 6:17 PM |

(This post is part of a series on The Beginner's Game, an opening system by Pafu. It is written by Christopher Huff.)

Early Attacks against your Beginner's Game

Now we are warned of some attacks Pafu deems likely to occur early on amid your positioning. He warns us about 6 of them and, as ever, delivers an abbreviation for each. He promises more detail for these later on.

First comes Pc, the Center Pawn Attack.

Next is Bf - The Bishop Fianchetto Attack:


Continuing with Bp - The Bishop Pin Attack.

Next we have Pr - The Rook Pawn Attack.
Then we have two-piece attacks, starting with Q&B - the Queen and Bishop Attack.
And lastly he mentions N&B - The Knight and Bishop Attack
Pafu assures us more about these attacks will be explained later. Until then, on with the meat of the volume: THE GAMES!

¹ In notating this early attack, Pafu made some errors but luckily provided the intended diagram. I've corrected them here.