Learn Pafu's Beginner's Game - Prologue

Sep 25, 2016, 10:08 AM |

(This post is part of a series on The Beginner's Game, an opening system by Pafu. It is written by Christopher Huff.)

The Beginner's Game is an opening system proposed by the pseudonymous 'Pafu' who makes no show of humility, dubbing it the "greatest discovery ever made in chess." He continues, "If there exists a solution to the game of chess, then most likely this is it" (p. 12).

The system is set apart by such qualities as symmetry, flexibility in move order (aiming for a preset position "regardless(!) of how the adversary plays"), minimal memorization of opening theory, and being equally(!) recommended for white and black.

(Pictured above is the standard position the Beginner's Game system (B-system) aims for.)

In this study we will examine the games Pafu played using chess computers of "master level," to see what we can gather from his experiments.

The author of this study, Christopher Huff, is more amateur chess enthusiast than top-level or even tournament-level player, eager to see what can be learned from this system and from those who can critique it.

Now join me as I delve into the first of Pafu's opening systems: The Beginner's Game.