100 hours of turn-based chess!

Sep 21, 2011, 4:25 PM |

I just passed another landmark on my way to the master level: 100 hours of turn-based chess here on Chess.com! Being a sucker for number, here is the laydown.

I have finished 21 games, and I'm currently playing 26. The already finished games lasted between 18 and 53 moves, not counting the two games that ran out of time after 1 and 2 moves, respectively. The average game length was 30 moves.

All in all, I have played 910 moves, counting both finished games, and games still in progress. In 100 hours this means I've moved 9.1 times per hour in average. This is 6 minutes and 36 seconds per move.

With an average of 30 moves per game, my time consumption for an average game should be 200 minutes, or 2 hours and 40 minutes. This is fine, since at an OTB game, I will also have time to think while it's my opponents move. Further, I tend to take extensive notes during my turn-based games, which also takes time. 

My current rating, after 100 hours of turn-based chess, is 1,616. I've won 17 of my games, and lost 4. No draws yet. Of the 17 wins, I won 11 by resignation, 4 by checkmate and 2 by time running out. All 4 games I lost, I lost by resignation.