300 hours!

Sep 25, 2011, 2:00 PM |

Yet another landmark! I've now reached 300 hours of chess study since I began my chess journey in August. My average weekly study time is close to 60 hours. At this pace, I could reach 10,000 hours before I turn 40. However, this is not the ambition, since I'm sure I'll need some breaks here and there. Next month I'll partake in my first ever rated chess tournament. Now, that will be exciting! 

My rating in Turn-Based games here on Chess.com is 1,591 today, due to sloppiness and blunders in a handful of games. The reason: I was too eager to finish the games, to see my rating adjust. It did, but in the wrong direction. I was playing more than 25 games at once, now I'm down to 20. I intend to stick with just 10 simultanious games in the future.