600 hours with chess

Nov 5, 2011, 7:02 PM |

Just a quick note, to say I passed 600 hours with chess today. Smile It's been 15 days since I passed 500 hours, so I average about 50 hours weekly. Pretty good. Especially considering having three days without power, heat and running water, due to heavy snowfall. 

It's wicked. I "feel" like I'm improving, but my rating doesn't really reflect this. Actually, it has declined lately. Admittedly, I do experiment a lot when I play. Trying to win, yes, but trying things out more. 

My 600 hours are distributed like this: 

  • 226 hours of turn-based games 
  • 80 hours of blitz games (3-14 minutes) 
  • 34 hours of rapid games (15-60 minutes) 
  • 8 hours of OTB games 
  • 49 hours of Tactics Trainer 
  • 9 hours of Chess Mentor
  • 61 hours of studying theory 
  • 73 hours of studying openings 
  • 24 hours of analyzing own games 
  • 14 hours of looking at classic games 
  • 22 hours of Computer Workout, coaching and more 

So, 58 % of my time with chess is play, 42 % is studying. 

Now, it's time for a 30-minute live game.