Passing 1400 in the TT!

Sep 30, 2011, 3:05 PM |

It's been a struggle! But finally, after 24.7 hours, (and 2,102 attempts) with the Tactics Trainer, I finally passed 1400, althought just barely, with 1,401 points. This is a victory to me. I consider tactics to be one of my prime weaknesses, so getting pass this landmark is really nice. I have passed 62.5 % of my tactics problems, which is perfectly fine, since that's approximately the same pass rate the highest rated players have. 

My Turn-Based rating is 1,583 right now, while my Blitz rating is still very low, at 1,128. 

Since my 10,000 hour project began, some six weeks ago, I've been working on chess for 342 hours. Quite a bit in such a short span of time, still very far from 10,000 hours. But, I'm getting there. Slowly, but surely. 

Now I will go buy myself a chess book, to celebrate my little victory!